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Second Jaru fieldtrip

From mid-September to mid-November 2018, Josh had the pleasure of spending two months in Yaruman (Ringer Soak) where he continued recording Jaru and Kriol conversations and transcribing them with the help of some of the Jaru speakers. The Birlirr Ngawiyiwu Primary School provided some cool study space at the local library when temperatures were soaring at the beginning of the wet season. The Ringer Soak mob have been fantastic language teachers and the Jaru corpus has made great progress during the time. The fieldtrip was topped off with several hunting trips, short stays in Halls Creek and Billiluna as well as a visit to the Kimberley Language Resource Centre in Halls Creek. On his way to and from Yaruman, Josh also stopped off at the Mirima Dawang Woorlab-gerring Language and Culture Centre in Kununurra, where he recorded some conversations in Miriwoong and met up with some Jaru people interested in the CIARA project. Josh is now back at Macquarie University in Sydney, where he is looking at the recordings to investigate whether the code-mixing in Ringer Soak has transformed into a mixed language, as has happened with Light Warlpiri (O’Shannessy 2005, 2013) and Gurindji Kriol (McConvell and Meakins 2005, Meakins 2011) in the nearby communities of Lajamanu and Kalkaringi. He will then focus on interactional phenomena such as turn construction and turn‐taking, repair organisation and person reference.

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